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Alan Raeburn

After spending the first 8 working years of my life in a family business, I then obtained positions with 12 different companies in various positions such as Warehouse Manager, Accountant, Business Manager, Controller, Outside Sales Rep, and Director of Purchasing. Hell-o-o-o-o-!  This is not for you, ALAN!

I am uniquely qualified to be a recruiter!

Finally, one day I had the chance to become a Recruiter and it hit me square between the eyes: I had become an expert in choosing the wrong career!  So, what better way of converting what I learned during those 7 years than to become a recruiter! 

I spent 3 years with two large executive recruiting firms in New York City before I made the Great Leap Forward to establish my own firm in September 1988.

Creating a new product in recruiting opened new vistas for both clients and myself.

The collapse and 9/11 hit my company hard. I had to re-invent myself.  I offered my clients a wonderful way to accomplish the expensive and tedious job of filling open job slots known in recruitment parlance as research.  My clients were now able to hire several candidates for less than the going price of hiring one!  They were also able to access valuable research concerning competitors.

My clients know that they can trust me and count on me to get the job done.

As a recruiter, my personality is one that always asks: "how can I best serve you?"  My clients know that they can rely on me to advise them if a candidate isn't the right fit: I will suggest re-vamping job specifications, compensation levels, changing or combining responsibilities --- anything to affect more efficiency in People/ Talent resources.   I am afforded this type of relationship with my clients because I have worked hard to earn their trust.

My Signature Strengths

  • I am skilled at zeroing in and identifying peoples' strengths, concerns, and their ability to fit a company culture. The key is that clients know that I'm there to serve them with a smile. Would you care to dance? 
  • I'm a strong communicator. When I make phone presentations to candidates, they have a broad, positive and truthful picture of what their careers could look like.  If they decide to pursue these opportunities, the possibilities for advancement will be significant.  
  • I don't waste time.  I'm appreciated as being a very forthright, honest recruiter.  
  • I know how to create Win-Win situations: I try to put myself in the place of each party > I recruit for companies for whom I would work; and I try to recruit candidates whom I myself would hire.   That means that every interview is targeted for success.  It's no wonder that the most common feedback I receive from clients is that my candidates were thoroughly prepared. 
  • I have knowledge of many industries: distribution, manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, defense electronics, security software; and a strong functional understanding of sales, marketing, product development, finance, HR, organizational development & training, and logistics for both small and large businesses. 
  • My personal interests are widespread: 
    • I'm an experienced organic gardener. 
    • I'm a table tennis afficionado [read: very competitive!] 
    • I'm a former professional musician and still play Hawaiian slide guitar for country music, folk, blues, Chassidic/Klezmer and children's songs. 
    • I love listening to music including baroque, classical, and international folk music.  
    • I'm a history buff and follow world politics. 
    • I'm an avid cinema buff of foreign & American films from the 1920's thru the 1960's. 
    • I enjoy sports trivia from the 1920's thru the 1960's. 


Phone: 954-242-9378

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